Sunday, January 23, 2011

Adrian's Getting Hitched!

One of my FAVORITE people on the planet, one of my very best friends, and my partner in t&a, Ms. Adrian Kiger is officially getting hitched this coming weekend! When she first told me she was getting married, I started collecting little things to make her feel like the beautiful, blushing bride of her childhood dreams.... or at least to give her a happy moment to relieve the pressure and stress of being a modern day bride.

The first thing I found was a gorgeous, 1960s white shift dress with a gauzy and delicate embroidered overlay. So simple and so beautiful. This was obviously not intended to be her wedding dress- that's not the kind of thing you buy for someone else. But I knew she would have parties, a rehearsal or a nice dinner that this little number would perfectly fit. And it's VINTAGE... truly something old.

I asked Adrian a few months ago if I could make her a birdcage veil. Not that I've ever made one before, but I've always loved them and considered one for my own wedding ten years ago. At that time, they weren't so popular and I must admit I was not quite as crafty as I am these days. We've seen an amazing resurgence of this simple netted hairpiece in the past few years. It's no surprise because the design is inherently feminine, flirty, and simple. I had a really fun time making this veil for Adrian. I used ivory peacock feather eyes, peacock tail plumes, marabou fluff, goose feathers and biots, and a gorgeous french netting. I even handmade a flower from a white and ivory shiny organza. She tells me she's going to wear it on the big day and I am beyond honored. Hopefully she will post a few pics post-nuptials so we can all admire her loveliness....
I remember buying the shoes for my wedding. At that time, I had never paid more than $75 for a pair of shoes, so I was a bit reluctant as I walked into Charleston's most prestigious shoe emporium, Bob Ellis. Inside, I found myself turning over shoe after shoe trying to make my decision based on price. I couldn't fathom paying those kinds of prices for a pair of shoes that I was sure to wear only once. Somewhere in the middle of my practical, internal monologue, I picked up a lovely pair of Vera Wang slingbacks. Before I knew it, they were on my feet and even sooner than that I was paying for them. To this day, these are the most expensive shoes I have ever bought...... finally there is an opportunity for someone else to were these stylin kicks.The last piece came from my own vintage jewelry collection. These 1940s screwback earrings are the most perfect blue. Sometimes I wonder if there is a color of equal beauty. Whether you call it "robin's egg" or "Tiffany blue", you have to admit that this color looks amazing on Adrian, with that gorgeous mane of blond hair. This must be exactly what someone had in mind when they added "something blue" to the familiar rhyme.

And finally, I couldn't leave out the most important piece of the puzzle for Lady Miss Kiger... her new husband-to-be, Don. Adrian tells me that this boutonniere is perfect for him because Don is a fly fisherman who ties his own flies from little feathers. Of course I didn't know that when I made it, but sometimes things are just meant to be! I hear from Adrian that he'll "don" it on the big day. ha ha. ok, you're right. that one was bad.
Adrian and Don are having a quiet, small family affair at the Kiger Farm. Personally, I CANNOT WAIT for the photos and all the dish on the day!

Congratulations Adrian & Don
January 29, 2011
Morgantown, West Virginia

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  1. Why weren't you my friend when I was getting hitched? I'm sure she was delighted beyond description. You never cease to amaze.


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