Friday, May 27, 2011

Wedded Bliss.... or Wedded Miss?

It's the time of the year when there seems to be a wedding every weekend. Correction: there IS a wedding every weekend, and lots of them, especially in a wedding destination town like Charleston, SC. Is it possible to get tired of it all? Can you get tired of looking through snapshots of joyful, glistening guests on dance floors, of clusters of happy hydrangeas and sweet jasmine, of resplendent layered cakes, shy ring bearers, and love, true love? Ok, maybe not love, but I DO know that it's possible to get a little weary of seeing the same. old. dress.

Alright, I know that not every dress is the same- hey, I've been to Kleinfelds. I've seen "Say Yes to the Dress". But I also see about 10 brides every weekend stepping out of churches, posing in gardens, strolling down cobblestone streets, and rolling by in horse-drawn carriages. I am amazed by how similar they all look on what is supposed to be "their day". It seems to me that the little details and personal touches that ladies rely on in their everyday wardrobes have disappeared into a sea of white, strapless mediocrity.

I didn't choose white for my own wedding dress, but I'm a pale, freckled redhead so it wasn't a great option for me. Plus I was never that girl that dreamt of the big poufy white gown. I wanted gold lamé.

From now on, every time I pass a cookie-cutter bride smiling sweetly and boring me silly, I choose to imagine her in one of these vintage confections....

These amazing creations are all for sale at one of my new favorite etsy shops: RedHouseVintages

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