Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Month and Counting!

The long-awaited t&a boutique has been open on etsy for just over a month now, and we are THRILLED to have TEN sales under our vintage Gucci belts! Not a bad start, but we have admittedly had too little time and too many distractions this first month. We’ll get into a rhythm of posting blogs, adding new items to the shop, and most importantly acquiring sweet new pieces once life settles down a little (does that ever happen?)

Stop by the shop to see what’s new! We are trying to add new items very week, several times a week. Ade is busily snapping sun-drenched pics in her happy orange room in Wild Wonderful West Virginia. I am slowly picking through the vast inventory of a decade of shopping NYC’s flea markets, thrifts, and vintage shops…. and beating the sultry summer heat in Charlietown with a nice chilled glass of Sancerre during late night photo shoots. We’ll keep bringing you lovely vintage finds, but we’ve got some handmade loveliness on its way too! Come back and see us.You will surely find something to use/wear/give/love.

I regret to inform you that you’ve already missed th
e boat on these babies:

t&a boutique sales first month!

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