Monday, September 20, 2010

Polka Dots Forever!

The other day I was wearing a "vintage style" polka dotted skirt that I bought at H&M in New York a few years ago. (sidenote: I miss H&M- we don't have one in Charleston and I think a grassroots petition-signing movement is in order, but more on that later.) Back to the dots... I was wearing a retro 50's circle skirt with bright candy-colored dots all over, a happy go lucky kinda skirt that swishes and spins and makes people smile. As I walked down King Street, I heard someone casually say "polka dots are back." Wait. Did polka dots go out? I feel like it's one of those enduring patterns. Yes, they can have a vintage feel when they appear in vintage designs, but I personally don't remember a time without dots... and I would not want to live in that time anyway. Polka Dots Rule!
Maybe it's because there is something inherently feminine about them. So much so that when I asked my 5 year old son this morning if he liked polka dots he said, "polka dots are for girls and stripes are for boys". He elaborated, "lines and shapes are for boys. kittens and polka dots are for girls". When I asked him where he got that information, he said, "I do NOT like kittens and polka dots and I am a boy. Everyone knows boys and girls like opposite things" Hmmmmm. His ratonale is dubious in my opinion, but anyone who has had a five year old knows better than to argue. And you certainly cannot argue that there are far fewer mens' designs that incorporate dots, neckties and pocket squares excluded of course. And now...
an homage to the enduring presence of the polka dot,
courtesy of s
ome great etsy shops

etsy shops from right to left: CleverVintage, AdoreVintage, VintageDarlene

etsy shops from right to left: TandAboutique, Retrolabs, AdelinesAttic

etsy shops from right to left: Szwzzy, HepCatClothes, NodToModVintage

etsy shops from right to left: InTheDesert, NodToModVintage. SeamsClassic

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