Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vintage Slips

Whenever I put on a vintage slip, I immediately feel sexier. Who can forget Elizabeth Taylor as Maggie the Cat lounging and pouting lustily in her tight slip in Cat on Hot Tin Roof?

I've always been a slip girl. My mom always made me wear one and I got used to it, quite addicted actually. It's still hard for me to wear a dress sans slip. I feel a little exposed or incomplete and like everyone knows I've forgotten my underwear. When I first started collecting and wearing vintage, I usually stayed away from the full slips because they seemed scratchy and impractical with lots of stiff lace and pointy boobs. I couldn't imagine what else I had to wear under the slip to get my regular-shaped boobs to fit into the torpedo-like cups. I believe it was a 1950's era little brown lace Vanity Fair full slip that changed my mind forever. Unlike the uber-practical and utilitarian slips I had always worn, this one was very shapely and fitted, hugging every curve. Somehow, and I don't know how, my boobs fit perfectly into the strange upright lace cups. In fact, looking in the mirror for the first time I remember thinking that I never again wanted to wear a dress- just slips from now on. Did I look like Elizabeth Taylor? probably not. Did I feel like Elizabeth Taylor? absolutely. Maggie the cat, watch out.

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