Thursday, October 21, 2010

Newest Obsession... t&a bags

Well, I've fallen in love again and this time its with my own new creations! ha ha
I'm now officially obsessed with making these sweet little clutches, wallets, and coin purses out of some seriously rad vintage fabrics. Mostly I've been using vintage sheets, which I think is interesting because who out there can really say that someone could have been conceived on their handbag? Well, maybe there are a few out there who could honestly boast that, but I doubt its many. Check out the work in progress b
elow and stop by the Charleston shopping events in November to buy one of these super fantastic one of a kind (possible conception) bags! I'll be posting some of these for sale in the t&a etsy shop over the weekend!
Back to
the sweatshop....

For the sweetest fat quarters of vintage sheets, visit
The amazing frames (designed and manufactured in the good ole USofA), were purchased at

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  1. Oh my gosh, this post cracked me up! Here I am selling these vintage sheets and it never even really occurred to me about the conception part...proof that I need to get a life, I'll bet. Your work is BEAUTIFUL, and I am so glad to have played a teeny part in it... thanks so much for the shout out :)


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